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Text Queensland features long runs of journals and serials as well as selected journal articles:

Royal Historical Society of Queensland logoJournal of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland

This journal is the longest running serial publication devoted to the study of Queensland's history. Its focus has altered from an early concentration on pioneers, politicians and development to a wider appreciation of the factors shaping Queensland's history.
Date range: 1914-94.

Political Chronicles - Queensland

An annual and (from 1997) bi-annual summary of political events in Queensland written for the Australian journal of politics and history. The best starting point for Queensland politics in this period.
Date range: since 1955

The Shearer's RecordThe Shearers' record

A monthly journal published by the Amalgamated Shearers' Union of Australasia featuring Australian labour, union and shearing history.
Date range: 1888-93

The Cane Toad TimesThe Cane Toad Times

A satirical humour magazine based in Brisbane, Queensland.
Date range: 1977-78

John Oxley Journal logoJohn Oxley journal: a bulletin for historical research in Queensland

Re-named for the specialist Queensland studies library established within the State Library of Queensland, it ran for only two years. It was preceded by Queensland heritage 1964-79.
Date range: 1980-81

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